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We are THREADS, a husband and wife owned screen printing and embroidery business located in Natchez, MS. Over the past few weeks our business has come to a complete stand still with the economic affects of the Corona virus. But, we know that we are not alone. Small businesses like ours all across the country are in a state of confusion as we wait to see how all this will turn out. In the meantime, we have created the “LOVE LOCAL INITIATIVE” program to try and help alleviate any financial burden we can on hurting families of small businesses like ourselves. Every shirt sold counts!

Below is what it is and how it works!

The “Love Local Business” initiative is created to help small businesses that have been affected by the Corona virus. Most businesses in our area cannot open and operate, thus leaving them panicked and worried on how to provide their families. We are trying to find a way to help our family and the families in our communities. We have come up with a plan to offer funding to small businesses with no cost to them. We have created a Love Local t-shirt for you to purchase in way to support your business of choice. This is an option for people who can and want to help! There will be an option to support local businesses in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. It is of the utmost importance to us to keep this fundraiser organized and give to those in need. So, please provide all necessary information. Feel free to share with as many people as possible! We personally know businesses in Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi who have been affected.

If you would like to have a business added please email us at so others can start giving to them. If you have a business in another state and would like to have that state and business added email us with that request as well.


Lets say you buy 4 “Love Local Business” t-shirts from Threads for $100. We then contact the business you specify as the recipient of your donation, introduce ourselves and let them know that we are gifting a donation in the amount of $60 dollars from you to help them through this trying time. If they accept credit and/or debit cards, we let them run our card for that amount minus any credit card fees they may have. If they do not accept credit cards, at the end of every week, we will mail checks. If they are not open due to COVID19, we will continue to contact them. If we are ultimately unsuccessful, we will mail a check with an explanation. It’s a process, but doesn’t have to be complicated.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A BUSINESS ADDED please email us at so others can start giving to them. If you have a business in another state and would like to have that state and business added, email us with that request as well.